About Us


"Pikai is a traditional Hawaiian ceremony of sprinkling seawater or salt water to purify an area or person from spiritual contamination and harmful energies"

 PIKAI Hawaii motivates and teaches women to embrace their own inner beauty by bringing you to the ocean, the best form of cleansing besides eating healthy and thinking positive. PIKAI is an active and eco conscious community builder. We inspire women of all ages and lifestyles. We are earth conscious company, contributing to beach cleanups and community events, and refusing to use elastic, plastic, or any harmful and restrictive materials. Providing some of the key secrets to life in a seamless simple design to take everywhere. Our team of inspiring woman of all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles creates a one of a kind product to enhance your everyday experience. Our purpose is to inspire generations to live a life of Love, and to create self love and positivity within their own communities. We hand select the highest quality of materials in the world. Like wearing a positive affirmation, a must have in your everyday. When you wear beauty you create beauty. Truly being the best that you can be. 

We provide a beautiful positive life style of great fit and comfort for the everyday beauty. We embrace all sizes and ages. This has been a tradition of ours from childhood up through grandma-hood. Our business encourages women of all sizes to love theirselves first by feeling confident in their bodies inside and out, whether they want to change or not. It all starts within. We strive for number one customer service by fabricating the perfect PIKAI wear for you to fall in love with your self. Everyone is beautiful and as soon as you put on a PIKAI wear it enhances and uplifts your spirits and lifestyle. We provide excellent positivity and love through out the product that you order. Every wear is made personally for you when ordered. We have been a customized line for over ten years now and have experience in providing the right style and fit for you to love! If you have any questions or concerns please contact us directly.




Born and raised in Hawaii Malia Grew up in the ocean; swimming, surfing, and sailing everyday. Her active lifestyle led her to the Junior Olympics in her teenage years. Her true passion is creating beautiful things for others to love. She graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Arts with a degree in sculpture, where she learned to fabricate all artistic mediums; her favorite being fibers and figurative sculpture. Through this she combined creating her PIKAI line. Making no other suit like these. Creating one of the first fully reversible lines 10 years ago where you could have 2 in 1 or 6 different looks with 2 pieces. A trailblazer and trendsetter. She really started to have fun exploring the idea of minimalist, comfort, function and holding up through hard wear and tear. As a mother, Malia knows how a body changes through childhood and motherhood. Her spirit enlightens and inspires many through her beautiful works of art. Malia sews most all suits as well as teaches other to learn the process of creating things they love. Malia currently lives in Big Island as a working mom. She is constantly helping the community and inspiring women and young adults to live and embrace a healthy positive lifestyle of love. 


Jenna Lani DeMasi

Jenna grew up in Connecticut working with children, lifeguarding, and teaching confidence through artistic expression and swimming skills to adults and children of all experiences. At an early age her father an avid astronomer born and raised in Italy immersed her with the stars and learning about the sky. With her love for the water and stars it led her to Hawaii where she explored and learned the Hawaiian culture and an active lifestyle of living on an island. She embraced this lifestyle learning to love her self. She lost over 140 lbs while loving her self in her Pikai naturally. Her first year on island, every three months her suits had to be taken in. Her life changed for the better. She shares this experience with others and encourages others to embrace themselves and she uplifts them with a personal experience of customizing their PIKAI to love and live in. Bringing in an attentiveness and deep sense of caring to each and every one of our clients.