Kind Words

"As a mother of two young ones I rely on these suits to feel protected, secure, covered, and confident. Born and raised in Hawaii the ocean and sun have always surrounded my life. I have never felt more beautiful and comfortable than in my PIKAI. A special feeling that only exists in these suits. PIKAI means cleanse in the ocean, and these suits gift you with that energy and presence before you even go in the water. It takes me back to the level before I had children.Inspiring me to be out there"

- Leilani


"Pikai is by far some of the best swim wear hands down. The custom suit designs, the quality of the materials, the prints, the colors, the styles, the vision portrayed through the company and all of the detail and love put into each individual piece is what makes Pikai stand out and rise far above the rest."

- Juanita


"I have walked for Pikai during Miami Swim Week and they were beyond amazing! They treated all the models like human beings, they fed us all kept us hydrated & had conversations which each of the models. I was fortunate enough to make it on Vogue China for the first time wearing Pikai. The material and uniqueness of the swim suits are amazing! They will have you feeling beautiful inside and out! I highly recommend buying from this brand! Highly recommend!"